Moments with ancestors

My creative inspiration always heads right back to the past.  Whether it be my own life, my ancestors lives or the psychic messages I receive.  My ancestors lives seem to link together and hold hands with each other in my DNA.  The first spirit I saw was my special treasure seeking Grandma and I feel her presence by my side very often when I create.  I have a photographic memory  and my creative mind has meticulously stored so many memories of objects or situations from the past.

Glimpses at my ancestors.

Jessie Collett, my Great Grandma, sitting on the left of the image on a pebbly beach.

My Great Uncle inherited his mothers Grocery shop in Ipswich. As a child I loved to visit as it was just like walking back into Victorian times with all the original display cabinets and drawers. It seems magical to me that the door in the photo I used to enter as a child.

My Great Grandma Abbott with a photo of Broome House the home of the Dupois family where she worked.

Monica Goulding, my treasure seaking Grandma.

Samuel Goulding, my Grandfather was an award winning Window Dresser. I didn't discover this till after I took up this profession myself. This photo shows one of his window displays.

My parents met at art school and our family home was filled with colourful antiques and curios

Before I could write I would draw. A blank piece of paper, a pencil and my imagination was all I needed as a child.

Dressing up with my brother and sister. I loved imaginary play and would often be totally away with the fairies!

All my life I was told by others that I was too sensitive, so I was lead to believe this was my greatest flaw. In middle age I realised it was in fact my greatest gift.

My father made this dolls house for my sister and I made out of scraps of wood and based on a miniature house at the Museum of Childhood. Here started my love of tiny worlds.

My creative and spiritual space is filled with curios which make my heart and soul sing.

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Jessie Collett, my Great Grandma, sitting on the left of the image on a pebbly beach.