Intuitive art

When I handle keepsakes and treasures I hear a voice which speaks their history and stories to me.  This unique gift I have had since childhood has intrigued and inspired me.  Objects can hold such strong energies and emotions deep within them.

Broken Beauty

"Yes I am broken but I am more beautiful now.

My life, my history are all part of my great whole.

I am not perfect, nor am I sweet but I have great strength held deep within.

This strength is from my soul.  It sings a merry tune.

It winks at you and whispers its experience with past owners too.

My heart may be cracked open wide for all to see bit these cracks and patina hold within them my DNA, my beauty and my strength.

So today I celebrate my brokenness, I celebrate my soul.

For my soul is what makes me unique and very, very rare".

Jo Allen

Forget me not.....

"For I am broken but still beautiful.

I am half here and half there but I speak between two worlds.

I am tangible and can be held within your hand but I can disappear again I'm sure.

My soul is deep, buried very deep indeed,

But my heart is open for you forever more.

Forget me not...."

Jo Allen

Life's Short Story

"A box of chocolates I gave the girls as they stood in their gilded frame.

They reached forward into my world, grabbing the golden box full of delicious delights.

A smile these chocolates would put on this pairs face surely?

Chocolates so sweet.  Faces so sour!

My inner child arranges curious curios around them both.

These tokens of love she offers to each small girl's heart.

Each keepsake chosen by my friend aged 9.

Each memento seems to wink at her and say "Me please, me please".

Ever soul is special.

Every soul should be remembered whether their life by long or short.

Every soul should be allowed to shine brightly on the world."

Jo Allen

March 2012 I was woken in the middle of the night with a extremely strong creative vision.  Like no other vision I had ever had, it was so very clear and the images moved very fast.  As if I was watching a magical film in front of my eyes, the vision showed numerous very old letters literally flying through my letter box.  They looked like the Victorian handwritten letters I had collected in my cabinet of curios.  This nostalgic mail landed on my doormat with such beautiful charm.  When it all lay calmly there, wooden scrabble blocks randomly landed on the surface the letters had made.  This curious vision was so intense that in the morning I felt I must take out my camera and photographed the vision I  had seen. 

I had no idea what this style of art was called and it was years before social media invented the term 'Flatlay art'.  This image was the first art piece which I licensed worldwide made into thousands of greetings cards.

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