"I am a curator of curios, an artist and a photographer.  My creative inspiration comes from a lifetime of treasure seeking and collecting.  Since childhood I have seen angels and since my teens I have seen spirits too".

"As a small child my grandma taught me the art of treasure hunting and of seeing beauty in objects which went unnoticed by other people.  On these treasure seeking trips  without being aware I would used my natural gift of Psychometry.  This meant I could read the psychic energy of the treasures as I held them in my hand.  I would often picture the person who originally owned the object, it would make me happy or sad depending on the energy of its history.

My studies and then my career started in Visual Merchandising.  I loved being a manager of Visual Merchandising at a huge West End Department Store.  Here I learn the art of balance, layout and display which I now use within my photography.  After a creative pause to have my three children I picked up my camera and started photographing my collections of treasures.  I always photograph in natural light with the minimum of photo manipulation as I love this honest, pure style where the viewer appreciates the real beauty of each object.  I embrace each treasures's patina, foxing and ageing as this is their beautiful fading glory.

My art is licensed and has appeared on a large range of products from stationery, ceramics, wall art, fabric and even jigsaws.  I have exhibited in Spitalfields, London and had a solo exhibition at Watford Museum.  My art is currently featured in Spirit and Destiny magazine.  Also it was featured on BBC London News and in Period Living magazine.

I live with my family in the British countryside in a home filled with curios and treasures which all hold special places in our hearts.  My days are filled with my creative and intuitive healing work".

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